Knitted Sunglasses Chain


One of a kind knitted chain for your glasses.

Initially designed by Anastasia for An-If In Chains in 2018. A greek brand with sunglasses chains founded by the designer and her sister, Ifigenia, in 2015 (Instagram: @anifinchains).

Worn at the streets of New York, by It-girls at Fashion Weeks all over the world, featured on ManRepeller.

Please note the color in your order.

(Yellow, Light yellow, Neon yellow, Light grey, Red, Fuchsia, Baby pink, Pink&Red, Red&White, Pink&Green)

100% handmade

100% sustainable


  1. 100% handmade

Caring: Remove rubber pieces. Machine wash (up to 30C-sensitive, use a case) & hand wash (recommended). Dry flat on a towel, avoiding direct sunlight.
Do not hang
Do not squeeze
Do not bleach