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Golden moon

I feel so christmas-y this year and I can’t say where this is coming from. The truth is that I can’t even recall when was the last year I had so Christmas mood. I mean, maybe I was a kid. I have decorated my studio in middle November which is too soon for me and I did it because I couldn’t resist. It kind of jumped from inside me like “wow”! I haven’t done the same for our home though since we’re moving to a new house soon and it feels wrong to pack and unpack christmas stuff too. Well, I don’t miss this at all, because we have christmas lighting garlands in our living room all year long and in combination with my studio and the lack of a kid asking santa for favors it’s enough for us now. 

I’m also super excited because last Sunday I’ve spend a few hours working on a project I extremely love and I can’t wait to share it with you. It’s a moon thing that motivates. Do I sound crazy enough?Haha.

As my close friends say to me I’m good on giving motivation to people. So, since this is a good thing I thought I’d love to do it in a wider way (if this is even a proper phrase, I mean). It took me a few days to gather thoughtfully, with open heart and mind all these phrases I keep telling myself when I need to give a “push”. I’ve put them together in a gold moon which plays them in a loop and you can find your own phrase which I hope it will give you the guidance/strength/advice/courage/eye blink or whatever you want it to be.

You just have to close your eyes, take a deep breath, think of anything it’s important for you now and you think you could ask some positive energy for. Keep breathing on it and for it and when you feel ready screenshot your golden moon. Boom, here it is!

I ridiculously believe that anything, I mean anything, we really need lies beneath us. Ask for anything you want and then search for your tools to fix it. Don’t search anywhere else but inside you. There you’ll find all you need.

Find the golden moon on my instagram account @a.telioco.

PS. The featured image above is last night’s (almost full) moon. It was magical! It also brought a rainbow on the clouds. The pic is from my phone so sorry for the bad quality. Do not loose tonight’s full moon! Watch it with your heart’s eyes.



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